Saddle Daddy : April Fools model 2024

Saddle Daddy : April Fools model 2024


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These "phalic" pewter centaurs are a little over 2.5 inches tall from head (HAH) to tail. A whole series is being done to commemorate all the "D*ck headed" horses out there. Certain aspects of this model are HIGHLY detailed, like all the wrinkles and veins. This was a fun piece I made from a request after someone had watched one of my tiktoks . I have a whole list of horses who inspired these models so dont feel too bad if you miss out on grabbing one of these guys, a variety of SADDLE DADDY's will be available at a later time. However if you do back order these please give up to 4 weeks for the caster to make the new batch

Yes I understand it may offend some people , but as the saying goes "It's a Joke not a d***, so don't take it so hard".


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