October 2023: Boney the pony STL

October 2023: Boney the pony STL


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October's File release : is "Boney the Pony" 🎃

Boney the Pony: A Skeleton's Tale

There was a remarkable creature named Boney the Pony – a skeleton horse with a ghostly charm. He is known to jump through the liminal veil that separates his world and ours after the Harvest Moon. Boney returns to to the realm of Hauntington at midnight on halloween. Legend has it, he is known to have bones that gleam like moonlight, and his whinny echoes like distant whispers in the night.

Boney is a loyal companion with a heart of gold, summoned to offer comfort to those shrouded in fear or sadness. With his otherworldly presence, he became a mysterious and bewitching figure in local lore. He is said to be found galloping through moonlit meadows, playing ghostly games among the tombstones in the Graveyards.

Boney the Pony's tale reminds us that it's what's beneath the surface that counts, even in the spookiest of creatures. He continues to be a hauntingly beloved figure, inspiring others to embrace their unique, spectral selves 🦇
Boney comes in 2 different versions: "fleshy" and "unicorn"
"Fleshy" he still has a mane, tail, hooves , and ears
"Unicorn", is a fleshy style Boney but with a unicorn horn and cloven hooves

Bother versions of Boney are free to download starting October 5th until November 1st. He will be limited to 10 downloads , so get him while you can before he slips back through the veil until next year!

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