High Quality RESIN Printer Services


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Have an 3D model you want printed? not a problem!

MINIMUM charge $20 which includes 4 hours of print time, $7 for each additional hour. Invoice for total print time will be sent prior to printing.

In rare cases where print fails more than twice, a full refund will be issued. This can be due to many variables, but is usually caused by the complexity of the model.

Depending on the size of the print, the time can take anywhere from 4 hours and up, what number you are in line will determine when your item ships.

The resin used is the highest quality resin on the market. This is the mixture I use with personal projects and products. I have dropped these models from the second story down to the first and they didnt have a scratch this is the site recommended blend if you dont want to worry about breaking. Prints made with this quality resin are backed by the 30 day guarantee!


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