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Removable Micro saddles are finally here!(MICRO MODEL NOT INCLUDED) Now I will say the stirrups are pretty thin and I do NOT recommend flexing them, as these are very small pieces of fine art that can be easily broken. Be sure your models ( horses or other finished things you want to put a saddle on) have a protective coat of some sort (if they are painted) or take high caution when saddling or unsaddling your models as I would imagine the saddle may rub the model after some time and I would hate for your perfectly painted piece to become scuffed. By purchasing this accessory you agree to assume all responsibility of any damage that may occur. However if the saddles arrive broken in any way I will replace them free of charge. Each purchase comes with one 1st quality model, and one second to use later for stirrup replacement should your first break later.

limited accessories. as I am no longer producing prints.

Sizes and styles do vary more will be added after some time:
375N (narrow) - Fits thin models like Sprat
375W (wide)- fits models like Khaladin
LG or cattle Saddle - an extra wide size that fits the longhorn models and more robust micros like maggies bennets micro "Cisco"


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